Alt Haus Interior Design makes it easy to help you create the space you have always dreamed of. A space that celebrates your unique story, makes you smile and truly reflects you. From space planning to hanging that last piece of art up on your walls, we’ve got you covered.

We work closely with our clients to assess their personal style and ensure that all their needs and wants are met in their new space. With detailed drawings, as well as finish, furniture and art selections, we help make the job easy for our clients. We work with your contractor through the construction process to ensure your project is done on time, on budget and to the highest standard of work.

We can help you with your space in the following ways:


New Home Decorating

Did you just move into a new home with that basic builder feel that doesn’t feel at all like you? Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of decorating your space and sourcing furniture, art and accessories all by yourself? Are you at a loss for how to place furniture in your space and actually make it work? Do you need an extra hand to help you create a beautiful and comfortable space for you and your family that truly feels like home?

We can help with that! We will take the guesswork out of decorating your new space and sourcing the appropriate furniture and art to reflect you and your unique personality and style. Our new home decorating package includes meeting with you to assess your style, needs, and wants, creating mood boards to help you visualize your space, drawing floor plans with furniture locations, taking inventory of your existing pieces to be relocated, and hand-selecting furniture, accessories and art with your style in mind! We also recommend any small changes such as lighting, paint colours, or wallpaper to help you take your space to the next level. After all of the selections are confirmed, we make things easy for you with simple shopping lists or our “buy for you” service. We then help you place all of your new selections and existing pieces in your space to make it feel just right ensuring you are happy at every step along the way.


Home Decorating

Does your old space feel tired and dated? Are you feeling stuck in your current home? Are you dreading making costly purchasing decisions that may or may not work in your space? Are you done with spending tons of time running around the city or browsing online to find what you are looking for?

We can help you make your existing space feel like NEW without all the guesswork on your end! By assessing your current furniture and layout, paint colours, light fixtures, art and accessories, we can help provide suggestions to update your space and bring it to this century. We simplify the decorating process by providing easy lists or “buy for you” service, and helping you place items once purchasing has been completed. We can also work with what you have to revitalize your space for a cost-effective solution. Anything is possible, with the help of Alt Haus!


Home Renovation Design

Is your current space feeling cramped and small? Are you yearning for more storage to make your home work for you? Are you having family changes that result in a lack of functionality in your current home layout? Do you have a room in your house that is feeling drab or even worse, unusable?

Let us help make your space work for you! We will provide you with the necessary tools to make your dream for your space a reality.


Home Staging for Resale

Are you looking to sell your house, but have no idea how to make it look appealing to buyers? Do you want to sell your place quick, without breaking the bank on a bunch of extra stuff that you may not want to relocate?

We’ve got the solution for you. By working with what you have, and providing you with a list of recommendations, we can make your space look great for future buyers. We also offer solutions for folks who want to make their home look extra fresh by sourcing third party staging rentals and accessories. Let’s help you sell that place, and QUICK!


Rental Refresh

Are you in a long-term rental that needs some sprucing up? Do you love your apartment/ condo/ townhouse, and want to make it feel more like home?

We provide you with rental friendly solutions to make your space reflect YOU. By taking inventory of your space, making suggestions for new items to suit you, and providing you with easy solutions that can be removed when you move out, we can make your rental sing for the short term, or the long term.


Art Selections
and Placement

Need some suggestions for original art or prints to make your space come to life? Have a bunch of art sitting in your basement collecting dust that you just haven’t gotten around to hanging yet? Simply need a wall refresh?

We assess your preferred art style, to curate purchasing options to suit you. We love working with our favourite artists, near and far, to find perfect items for your space and taste. We also love working with what you have to better show off your favourite pieces in their ideal locations.


Commercial Renovations
and tenant Fit-Outs

Are you struggling to make your current office layout work for you and your team? Is your space lacking the WOW factor that attracts clients and long-term talent? Have you overgrown your space or recently changed the way you work in your space?

We can help with that too! We work with you to provide everything you need to get pricing from your contractor (or multiple contractors) and get that space looking A+, without any of the guesswork. From measuring your current space, to finding a layout that works with you, to trouble-shooting with your contractor, and sourcing that perfect office chair, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you create your ideal workspace with your companies branding and growth in mind.


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