• Scorpion Pepper & Lemongrass Hot Sauce

Scorpion Pepper & Lemongrass Hot Sauce

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Scorpion Pepper & Lemongrass is a super spicy hot sauce, made with toasted onion, caramelized pineapple, lemongrass, ginger, and trinidad moruga scorpion peppers. 

Pair it with rice or noodle bowls, stir fry, hot wings, burgers, hawaiian pizza, chicken fingers, soup, appetizers, and anything else that needs a big kick of spice.

Ingredients: White vinegar, onion, pineapple, mango, trinidad moruga scorpion peppers, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, lime, salt, sugar.

About Pueblo Chili Co:

The concept for Pueblo Chili Co. was born in 2013 when the founder, Raquel Vigueras, was in graphic design school at VCAD in Vancouver.

It was in a second semester conceptualization class where Raquel was tasked with developing a solution to a design problem, and Raquel chose  the hot sauce industry. It interested her a lot, and during her time in Vancouver, she always kept the idea of eventually starting a hot sauce business in her back pocket.

Upon completion of her graphic design diploma, Raquel moved to Regina, Saskatchewan. After thinking about pursuing her dream of starting a hot sauce business for a hot five years, she eventually took the leap in 2019.

Raquel's biggest supporter is her mother, who helps her in the commercial kitchen, testing recipes and bottling them with her. Raquel could not pursue her business without the tireless help of her mom.

But, why Pueblo?

Raquel's father immigrated to Canada from Chile as a refugee in the mid-1970s as a result of a coup d’état that occurred on September 11, 1973. There’s a song titled “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” (“the people united will never be defeated”) that was part of the new Chilean song movement that’s near and dear to her heart. It was recorded in 1973 by Quilapayún and was the anthem of the popular unity government, and eventually became the anthem of the Chilean resistance to the Pinochet regime.

Pueblo Chili Co. hot sauce is dedicated to all the Chileans across the world who suffered as a result of the coup in 1973, and especially to Raquel's hero: her father.

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