Angles and Curves

by Sharmaine Heppner

Angles and curves are having a big moment in the interior design world!

When creating a space, whether it be modern or traditional, the use of angles and curves are vital to adding spatial flow and general intrigue to your environment. 

We have hand selected a few pieces that highlight exactly what we mean.

Pierre Chaise Lounge $8,500

This ultra-buttery genuine leather chaise lounger perfectly encapsulates the concept of utilizing curves and angles to create a gorgeous product. Also available in a cream linen fabric ($2,500). 

Sloan Curio Cabinet $4,700

This moody, arched cabinet not only plays with angles and curves but also with textures. The exterior is made of sturdy iron with rich, dark, mango wood doors. Once opened, a cozy and beautiful light brown interior is revealed. This piece has removable shelves so you can fit the tallest of tchotchkes at your pleasure.

Chloe Accent Table (set of two) $1,090

These gorgeous, solid mango wood tables are designed to snuggle right into each other with their expertly designed curves and edges. Use as a multilayer surface to display your favourite knick knacks or separate them, we promise they'll be okay with it. Who doesn't love a nesting table?

Juniper Pendant Light $780

This gold-finished dome pendant light with its gentle curves and soft like will add a beautiful glow to any space you place it in. Available in a 24" or 36" size.

Tao Table Lamp $450

This curvaceous table lamp offers a light and airy addition to your space while injecting some artistic contemporary flair.

 Geometric Framed Series $410/ per piece

These art pieces in espresso and silver feather frames by Simeng Wang are sure to give any space a facelift. Obvious to our theme, the relationship between the sharp edges and soft curves of these shape-focused pieces perfectly displays the way our eye is caught and drawn to each part. Available in two different variations.

Give us a call at (306)242-4287 or email at if you'd like more info on any of these products, or pop-in for a visit at 617A Main Street East, Saskatoon, SK. We have lots of great products to explore!

Written by Sharmaine Heppner



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