Jo Van painting a mural.

Jo Van

Jo Van Lambalgen is a queer, non-binary, interdisciplinary artist in Saskatoon, SK, with a focus on large scale geometric and abstract murals and artwork. Their background in the trades informs their work, transforming ordinary spaces with paint, simple building materials and ingenuity. They have spent the last 20 years exploring different mediums and have landed on paint as their favorite. Jo believes in the power of colour, and how it can transform any space into something amazing. They showed their first solo show at Alt Haus, "Lost in Space" in December of 2023, and are now working on a new collection, which will be released sometime in 2024. Jo is co-owner of Alt Haus in Saskatoon, a colourful home décor, furniture and lifestyle store, which they run with their partner Miranda Young. Jo and Miranda also work together on residential and commercial interior design projects, with an emphasis on “happy design.”

Jillian Bogan

Jillian Bogan has been an artist in Saskatoon for the past 13 years. She is primarily known for her thick brushstroke portraiture of “badass granny’s” and has expanded her practice into commission portraits in the past 4 years. She is inspired by the brush-strokes of  Van Gough and Monet as well as the whimsy of Miro and Dali. Her original works are a part of private collections in The United States, New Zealand, Scotland and all over Canada.

Jillian's art is influenced by her curiosity of the human experience and communicating in expressions without words.

Jillian studied biology and fine arts at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as curatorial studies at the Salzburg International Fine Arts Academy. Jill spent 3 years working with wildlife before pursuing art full time.

Emily Zdunich standing in an art gallery filled with her paintings.

Emily Zdunich

Emily Zdunich is a Saskatoon based interdisciplinary artist who has developed a figurative practice in painting, installation sculpture, and printmaking. Emily is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, and Art History department at the University of Saskatchewan. Emily investigates the concept of the body though gendered experience, birth, mortality and time. Her focus is on the human condition and exploring connections between the physical body and the emotional body. As well as searching for links between human relationship patterns and patterns found in the natural world, both on a micro and macro scale.

Rowen Dinsmore sitting on the floor in her studio next to a self-portrait.

Rowan Dinsmore

Rowen Dinsmore is a conceptual artist who works in painting, screen printing, clay and media installations that are reflective of herself and her interest in ways of seeing. Influenced by social media and art history, Dinsmore studies what it means to be a woman in the modern era through an artistic lens, often approaching topics of spectatorship and the gaze, and the feminine form; critiquing while also embracing these aspects of the female experience in a post-internet world. The artist approaches her mediums and turns them into colourful reflections of herself; each work being a conceptual or representational self-portrait. 

Dinsmore's work often features multiple versions of herself, overlapped, intertwined or shadowed; her compositions hope to confront the viewer with many layers of meaning.

Fawn De Nysschen in a field under a tree painting on a sheet of clear plastic.

Fawn De Nysschen

Fawn De Nysschen is an emerging fine-art designer, impressionist painter and overall creative motivator who was born in South Africa and was raised in the rural prairies of Canada in Cabri, Saskatchewan. In 2017 she received her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Visual Communication at Medicine Hat College and now works as a full time fine artist & designer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

Fawn chooses to explore creation through painted prairie and travelled landscape themes that correspond with ideas of the human condition in every state. She is constantly reaching for a feeling of intimacy while breaching a wide audience through her landscapes that blur the line between abstract & impressionism. Fawn finds that the best way for her to translate her own existence with a sense of presence is by capturing the land and how we as a society choose to cherish, conserve, commission, and cultivate it to be what matters. She believes that ultimately this care and consciousness is what brings us all together. 

Jordan Baraniecki sitting in front of one of his abstract paintings.

Jordan Baraniecki

Jordan Baraniecki is an award-winning artist based in Saskatoon, Canada located on Treaty 6 Territory. His highly detailed, three-dimensional ink collages position the viewer between a telescopic and microscopic lens; situating them with a relationship to scale. By using colour, texture and form as their own visual language, Jordan's interest in the subconscious and psychological observations of the self, encourage the viewer to see what they see within the work. Jordan works in a style similar to the Surrealist Automatism technique, which allows his unconscious mind to be at the forefront of the creation process.

Stephanie Cheng in a print studio creating a screen print.

Stephanie Cheng

Stephanie Cheng is a Toronto-based freelance designer, illustrator and screen printer. Her in-house line is mostly inspired by the human form, exploring strong colours and negative space.

Over the years she has worked on band posters for Goldenvoice and Live Nation, among others. Illustrating and hand printing her original artworks for bands such as Radiohead, Lizzo and Childish Gambino to name a few.

Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada (AKA Nasarimba) standing in front of a bold mural.


NASARIMBA, meaning ‘playful mischief’, is the collaborative practice of Calgary artists, Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada. Working together since 2015, the duo has cross-pollinated Mikhail’s background in painting and printmaking with Rachel’s background in multi-media installation and design. They have established themselves across Canada and Mexico through mural painting, street interventions and fine art. NASARIMBA has participated in mural festivals in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Winnipeg and has completed projects for clients including Scotiabank, The City of Calgary, AuArts, Tokyo Smoke, Bailey Nelson, and many other local businesses/community organizations. The summer of 2021 saw their debut in a commercial gallery with a solo exhibition at VIVIANEART in Calgary’s community of Inglewood.

NASARIMBA acknowledges Calgary as the traditional territory of the Blackfoot and the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta.

Yonina Rollack sitting on a bench in the sun.

Yoninia Rollack

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Yonina Rollack pays tribute to the earth and its inhabitants, creating playful images that are both drawn from reality and an extension of her own inner world. Shaped by a background in printmaking and countless hours spent looking through library books, Yonina’s work is illustrative, personalizing observations of the world through her own aesthetic. 


Rachael Meckling is a Canadian fashion illustrator. She completed her studies in Fashion Communication with her Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University in 2011. She is now a multidisciplinary artist. Rachael is currently focusing on fashion illustration in traditional and digital mediums, working on a new printed fabrics series, and always painting in her favourite; watercolour & gouache. Her ‘girls’ translate into so many mediums. Laser cutting wooden wall hangings, and working with Canadian designers to create LED “neon” light pieces has brought so much life to her 2D illustrations! Rachael offers on-the-spot fashion portraits, ‘whipping you up into one of “her girls”' in about 15-20 minutes’. Her favourite LIVE fashion portrait clients include Holt Renfrew, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue. You can hire her for any event, anywhere in Canada & USA, and beyond. She has an art studio in Saskatoon where she offers LIVE fashion portrait sessions.

brody burns

Brody Burns is a Cree artist from Treaty 6. Territory Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Art had taken the form of graffiti and illustration in his teens. During elementary and high school he was always doodling in class. He didn't realize at the time that it would lead to something bigger. During his time at the University of Saskatchewan, studying psychology, he began to take art more seriously. He started to combine Indigenous ways of knowing with concepts in psychology and other fields of study. Spiritualty, Energy, and Vibration are at the core of his artwork. Brody is interested in representing a combined perspective of Spirit and Science through abstract forms and color.

Poster Lad

Vratislav Pecka was born in Prague, Czech Republic in 1988. After spending three years in film schools, where he graduated as video editor and briefly studied animation, he found his passion elsewhere — in graphics. He worked as a freelance designer for over ten years, and at the same time he became a co-founder of graphic design studio Pecka Studio. He has been a full-time artist since early 2021. After spending couple of years in Amsterdam, he now lives in Prague with his family and is looking forward to see what comes next.

ash & chess

Ash + Chess is a stationery & gift company run by queer and trans couple Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him), based out of Kingston, NY. They create greeting cards, art prints and more in bold, retro color palettes, often using their artwork to uplift the queer community.

Katie Scarlett Griffin

Katie Scarlett Griffin is a Brooklyn based illustrator and animator. 

Using vibrant colors and interesting perspectives, Katie brings a fresh way of looking at familiar settings. She typically illustrates scenes of home like dining rooms and kitchens, and sometimes other spaces like tennis courts or swimming pools. 

She often incorporates the plants, furniture, and other decorations she has in her home into her art. She also takes inspiration from photos that she has taken during her travels. Pictures of plants and interesting rooms fill her camera roll.

Katie discovered her love of digital illustration while attending Georgia Southern University, where she received her BFA in Graphic Design in 2019.  

Lonely Coyote

Lonely Coyote is the creative outlet of Tracy Niven, a graphic designer by day and wannabe cowboi by night. Based on Treaty Six Territory, they're inspired by the western landscapes and wildlife, country music, and queer life on the prairies. As a queer designer, they aim to create quality goods for lonely cowfolx, or anyone who has felt alienated by growing up on the prairies.

Curious Prints

Curious Prints was born in 2010 and is the creation of Louisiana born designer, Kate Faulk. What started as an outlet to share the vintage images she loved so much has grown into a lifestyle brand offering reproductions of vintage prints, home decor and accessories.

"I have always been fascinated by birds, insects, the creepy crawly things I came across as a kid. I grew up on a farm in South Louisiana and it's still my happy place. As my personal collection of vintage science prints has grown, I have discovered how much I love connecting with others through a shared love of vintage art. As a graphic designer by trade, I have developed a passion for retouching and restoring vintage images and experimenting with the printing process. This curated collection is ever evolving and I continue to try out new processes and materials." - K.F.

Curious Prints is operated in their East Austin, Texas studio.

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