Warm toned abstract checkered outdoor mural.


Want to revitalize your space? Try a one-of-a-kind mural or paint feature by in-house mural artist, Jo Van Young. We can provide custom designed murals for your home or business, with bold and unique designs. We work with you, to ensure the style of mural reflects your style, and palette, with detailed sketches for approval prior to mural installation. 

We would love to amp up your space with a custom mural or art piece! Contact us through email at art@althaus.ca, or fill out the mural request form below to get more information and pricing on your mural project.

About Jo

Jo Van Lambalgen is a queer, non-binary, interdisciplinary artist in Saskatoon, SK, with a focus on large scale geometric and abstract murals. Their background in the trades informs their work, transforming ordinary spaces with paint, simple building materials and ingenuity. Jo believes in the power of colour, and how it can transform any space into something amazing.

Our Favorite Completed Murals
Abstract orange, purple, and green floral design.
Large brightly colored abstract outdoor mural.
Symmetrical green botanical mural design in Prism Coffee.
Orange toned wave mural with a large orange sun in a salon.

Interested in getting a mural for your space? Contact us here!