Elly's Holiday Gift Guide

by Elly Lewandoski

Happy holidays! I'm Elly, a recent new addition to Alt Haus. This season can be stressful for some, including me. My holiday gift guide is curated for anyone needing a cozy, but stylish, break from the hectic holiday season. Alt Haus has multiple options for your homebody pals who love a bit of spice in their lives. Stop by and let us help you find the perfect gift or check out our online shop at www.althaus.ca!

The Supa Phreek Sunglasses from Crap Eyewear - $126

Umbra Hub Serving Trays (Set of 2) from Umbra - $66

Viper Balm Lip Plumping Moisturizer from Zizia Botanicals - $25

Clear Visions Hook Pillow by Elizabeth Olwen - $68

The Hermit Tarot Candle from 54 Celsius - $44

"A Moment For Yourself" Sticker by Katie Scarlett - $7

Christine Flynn's Buzz Hot Honey from Zing - $15

Two-Part Plant Pot B from Mari Masot - $130

Laguna Heavyweight Checker Throw from Sundream - $210

Point Velvet from Fatboy - $189

- Elly (she/her)

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