The Alt Haus Manifesto

by Miranda Young

I believe that your home should make you happy.
I believe in supporting local shops and artisans.
I believe in loving what and who you love.
I believe minimalism is a bummer.
I believe in power clashing.
I believe in human connection.
I believe in surrounding yourself with items that bring you joy.
I believe that everyone should be nice to everyone.
I believe that you should actually LIVE in your home.
I believe in the innate beauty of heirlooms and antiques.
I believe that we should all support each other.
I believe in constant learning and growing.
I believe in the power of colour.
I believe in the power of community.
I believe in doing work that you love.
I believe that being yourself can truly change the world.
This manifesto is based on “The Jonathan Adler Manifesto,” from his book Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing. Excerpts directly from his manifesto are in italics. Jonathan Adler’s use of colour, pattern, and happy chic has inspired my career from the very beginning. I salute you, Jonathan. Thanks for showing the world that glamour doesn’t need to be boring. This blog post is written by: Miranda Young - CEO and Founder of Alt Haus Interior Design.

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