Holiday Gift Ideas!

by Miranda Young

With the holidays fast approaching, we have had lots of folks coming in and asking about Christmas gifts! We have come up with some easy gift ideas for  everyone on your list this year!

1. For the Artistic One
Total Value: $73.27
Ice Cream Swirl Hardcover Notebook $22.00
Chroma Blends Watercolour Brush Set $27.27
Calligraphy Duo Double Ended Marker Set $24.00 

2. For the Colourful Cutie
Total Value $161.00
Smile Face Hook Pillow $62.00
Sister Wallet Marbled by Nazz Ares $55.00
Marianne Earrings by Meghan MacWhirter $44.00

3. For the Modern Art Enthusiast
Total Value: $168.00
Small Jug Eared Vase- Blue by Sophie Alda $94.00
Copper Balloon Large Dog Bank $74.00


4. For the Cocktail Enthusiast
Total Value: $139.00
Maple Cutting Board with Round Handle by J-Man Carpentry $95.00
Pineapple Lime Drink Syrup by Morris Kitchen $18.00
Aztec Double Rocks Glasses by Fifth and Vermouth $26.00

5. For the Edgy Babe
Total Value: $381.00
Lim-icious Crystal Print by Bobbi Clackson Walker $350.00
Fletcher Sculpture- Small $31.00

6. For the Cozy Cuddler
Total Value: $134.00
Colourful Sun Hook Pillow by Jungalow $68.00
Soleil Throw by Jungalow $66.00

7. For the Fashionista
Total Value: $93.00
Aelfie Cheetah Crop Top by Nooworks $68.00
Powder Pink Cinch Earrings by Combinist $25.00

8. For the Culinary Creative
Total Value: $165.00
Good Vibrations Tea Towel $16.00
Egg Ceramic Ornament by Meghan MacWhirter $13.00
Bamboo Salad Plates in Blots by Poketo $42.00
Bamboo Bowl Set in Dots by Poketo $42.00
Bamboo Dinner Set in Fragments by Poketo $52.00


9. For the Coffee Drinker
Total Value: $92.00
Double Wall Coffee Maker- Amber $40.00
A Little Colour Yellow Mug $26.00 each

10. For the Tea Drinker
Total Value: $69.00
Cup of Sunshine Loose-leaf Tea by Big Heart Tea $14.00
Yellow Chain Mug by Ky.ramics $55.00

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