Introducing New Artist: Fawn De Nysschen

by Miranda Young

We are so excited to announce our new artist, Fawn De Nysschen! We first came across Fawn's work at one of our favourite spots, Sparrow Coffee, and knew we had to carry her beautiful work at the shop. 
30" x 48" |  oil on canvas | 2022 | $1750
Fawn is an emerging fine-art designer, impressionist painter and overall creative motivator who was born in South Africa and was raised in the rural prairies of Canada in Cabri, Saskatchewan. In 2017 she received her Bachelor of Applied Arts in Visual Communication at Medicine Hat College and now works as a full time fine artist & designer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 
Fawn chooses to explore creation through painted prairie and travelled landscape themes that correspond with ideas of the human condition in every state. She is constantly reaching for a feeling of intimacy while breaching a wide audience through her landscapes that blur the line between abstract & impressionism. Fawn finds that the best way for her to translate her own existence with a sense of presence is by capturing the land and how we as a society choose to cherish, conserve, commission, and cultivate it to be what matters. She believes that ultimately this care and consciousness is what brings us all together. 
30" x 40" |  oil on canvas | 2021 | $1400

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