Alt Haus introduces our new Coffee Haus!

Bringing quality and care to your coffee. We source in-season coffee beans from exceptional roasters. Our handcrafted syrups are made to elevate the flavour of the coffee or tea that is in your cup without being too sweet!

Our coffee program is led by Sharmaine Heppner who has an extensive background in the world of coffee. This background has kindled a passion and dedication for creating an experience with high quality coffee. Sharmaine is inspired by the slow rituals woven within coffee culture and the many ways that coffee can facilitate a unique experience for every individual.

Creating unique experiences at Alt Haus is what we do! We would be happy to be a part of your day whether it's sending you off to work with a delicious beverage or creating a safe space where you can come and gather with your loved ones over a good cuppa.