• Two-Part Plant Pot B

Two-Part Plant Pot B

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"My two-part plant pots are designed to elevate houseplants both literally and figuratively. The top part has a hole allowing for drainage, and the stand serves to collect drips and protect table and shelf surfaces. My intention is to create the framework for a living sculpture, one that grows and changes once the plant is added. The pieces also stand on their own as decorative objects. These pots are unglazed, which allows the plant to breathe. Because of this slight porosity, I recommend planting cactus, succulents, or any other houseplant that does not demand a lot of water. If the soil stays damp constantly, the surface of the pot will develop a slight patina - which has its own beauty, but is something to keep in mind. Each piece is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel, and the tops and bases are interchangeble with all others in the series.Mari Masot is the ceramics line and nom de plume of American-born artist and designer Marissa McInturff.  With a background in architecture and food styling, she draws her inspiration from the harmonious interaction between nature and human creativity. "

Marissa started working with clay in 2016, and works from a sunny studio in Barcelona's Poblenou neighborhood.  She makes her pieces in small batches and entirely by hand, striking a balance between the traditional nature of the medium, and the industrial and architectural influences of her designs.

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